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We use the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) which is a highly reliable assessment instrument designed to examine conflict behaviours in the workplace. It looks at what triggers conflict in individuals as well as their constructive and destructive responses – their Conflict Dynamics Profile. It is a powerful way to improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence in conflict and the first step in building greater conflict competence and effective conflict management skills.

There are three versions of the instrument – the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) which is a self reporting assessment, the CDP Team which aggregates the CDP-Individual assessments of all team members and the CDP-360 which is self-completed but also draws on the input of peers, direct reports and bosses’.

View sample of CDP self-assessment questionnaire
Please note that the sample only contains 31 questions. The actual questionnaire has 114.

View sample of CDP-360
Please note that the sample only contains 4 pages. The actual report contains 22 pages.

View sample of CDP Team Feedback report
Please note that the sample only contains the results of one of the three items measured.